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Map productive plans and build connections with those you serve. Inspire and motivate your community to do even more.


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You’re on track to building a more profitable, sustainable business through the efficient use of your marketing budget and resources.

If you don't already know us, you should. Here's why.

The PDX Creative Collective is an inclusive group dedicated to working with business-to-business, non-profit and government sectors to create positive change.

We are made up of a diverse group of industry experts that offers the best of small business and corporate worlds—we have the flexibility, dedication, tenacity and backbone that comes from running successful, women-owned small businesses, founded on years of experience in corporate positions of responsibility. 

Each member of our carefully chosen group brings depth, proven methodologies and many years of experience in the specific area in which they are acknowledged experts. By pooling our resources and expertise, we can help our clients reach their big visions and goals through marketing and business development that is in perfect alignment with their purpose and vision.

We are committed to diversity and sustainability in each of our individual businesses as well as through our participation in the PDX Creative Collective. The Collective embodies the meaning of social entrepreneurship through our personal diversity, the ways we give back to the community and our thoughtful stewardship.

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